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Energy Use in Cars 6: Gasoline Cars vs. Bicycles Keywords: air resistance, bicycle, energy use in cars, fuel economy, rolling resistance, vehicle transportation

When does a car have the same fuel efficiency as a bicycle?

A comparison of the energy cost of transportation between cars and bicycles.

9 years 4 weeks ago
Energy Use in Cars 2: Constant Speed Cruising Keywords: air resistance, drag, efficiency, energy use in cars, fuel economy, vehicle transportation

If a body in motion tends to stay in motion, why do we need to burn gas to travel at highway speeds?

Why do we need to burn gas to keep travelling at the same speed? The basic answer is "because if we didn't, eventually the car would stop." In everyday life, there is always friction and air resistance that opposes any motion, and if you leave a moving object alone, this friction and drag will eventually cause it to stop. This lecture looks at how this drag impacts a car.

9 years 5 weeks ago
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