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Bicycling and Calories

Keywords: air drag, conservation of energy, energy transfers, metabolic efficiency, rolling friction, work done

How long do you have to ride your bicycle to burn off a doughnut?

This example looks at the relationship between physical exercise and calorie consumption.

9 years 8 weeks ago

Falling Cats

Keywords: drag force, terminal velocity

Why does your cat have a better chance of surviving a fall from a large cliff than you do?

This example incorporates air resistance into free fall to derive the terminal velocity reached. The terminal velocities and physiology of cats and humans are compared.

9 years 8 weeks ago

Bats and the Doppler Shift

Keywords: bats, Doppler shift compensation, echolocation

What compensation for doppler shifts do bats perform to keep their echoes within their hearing range?

This example investigates the compensation for Doppler shifts bats perform to keep their echoes within their range of maximal hearing sensitivity.

9 years 8 weeks ago

Cheetah Chase

Keywords: constant acceleration, displacement, kinematics, uniform motion, velocity

How far away can a cheetah be from a gazelle and still be guaranteed to catch it?

This example combines both constant acceleration and uniform motion to determine the maximum distance that a gazelle can be away from a cheetah for the cheetah to have a chance of catching the gazelle.

9 years 8 weeks ago

Nerve Impulses

Keywords: nerve impulses, neurons, reaction time

How fast does a nerve signal travel?

This example takes typical eye-hand and eye-foot reaction times and calculates the average speed at which a signal travels along the nervous system. Why are eye-foot and eye-hand reaction times different?

9 years 8 weeks ago

Blood Pressure

Keywords: Bernoulli's equation, fluids

Why do you feel dizzy if you stand up too quickly?

This example investigates how the pressure in the major arteries will vary depending on the position of the body and some physiological consequences of such changes.

9 years 8 weeks ago

Vision and Diffraction

Keywords: angle of resolution, circular aperture, diffraction, Rayleigh's criterion, vision

Why can eagles see more clearly farther away than we can?

The pupil acts like an aperture which diffracts light. The effect of this for humans and birds of prey is explored.

9 years 8 weeks ago

Man on a Missile

Keywords: acceleration, force, g-force, Netwon's second law

How much force can the body withstand upon impact?

In this article we calculate the average force experienced by Colonel Stapp during one of his most famous experiments on deceleration.

9 years 8 weeks ago

Metabolism, Heat Loss, and Size

Keywords: allometric relation, heat, heat loss, mass, metabolic rate, surface area, volume

The bigger the better?

Heat loss per unit gram is compared for large arnimals versus smaller animals.

9 years 7 weeks ago


Keywords: aircraft, birds, energy, flight, transport cost

It takes energy to fly. How much?

We examine how much energy it takes to fly from A to B, whether by bird, model glider, small plane or 747.

9 years 1 week ago
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