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Using spreadsheets

Keywords: absolute and relative cell references, chi-squared, Excel, formulas, graphing, model, OpenOffice Calc, simulating data, Solver, spreadsheets, trend line, uncertainties

Want a quick way to do calculations, simulate data and draw graphs? Here are some quck tips on using spreadsheets to do this!

In this activity, we will use an accepted physical model, that of an object falling in a vacuum, to create simulated data that could result from an experiment. We will then graph this data and fit a trend line to it.

8 years 10 weeks ago

Order of Magnitude Calculations

Keywords: approximation, calculation, estimation, order of magnitude

How can we make reasonable approximations without tedious calculations?

Use order of magnitude calculations to make reasonable approximations.

8 years 8 weeks ago

Dimensional Analysis

Keywords: checking answers, dimensional analysis, units

Unsure if your result makes sense?

Learn how to check if results make sense by analyzing the units involved in the calculations.

8 years 8 weeks ago

Useful Numbers

Keywords: numbers, units, values

Wondering where we got our numbers from?  Check out this table!

A summary of numbers commonly used throughout the articles and where they came from. (e.g. energy content of fuels, solar power, greenhouse gasses etc.)

8 years 8 weeks ago

Symbols and Units Used on this Site

Keywords: symbols, units

Wondering what each symbol refers to?

A summary of symbols commonly used throughout the articles.

8 years 6 weeks ago

LaTex Expressions - Symbols and Units

Keywords: LaTeX, symbols, units

Wondering what each symbol refers to?

A summary of symbols commonly used throughout the articles and the corresponding LaTeX expressions.

8 years 5 weeks ago

Scientific Notation

Keywords: scientific notation

The suspect is a male, age 1.73 × 109 s, height 1.83 m, weight 7.5 × 101 kg.

Understanding how to express numbers in a way that is easily understood.

8 years 5 weeks ago

Significant Figures

Keywords: calculators, mathematics, physics, significant figures, what numbers mean

This tyrannosaurus is 70,000,003 years old. How many significant figures should I quote?

We examine this perennial student hang-up.

8 years 5 weeks ago

Histograms, Measurement, and Uncertainty

4 years 45 weeks ago

Trend Analysis in the Context of Global Warming

Keywords: anthropogenic climate change, climate, climate change, trend analysis

There are many sources ranging from politicians to mass media that claim that the Earth is actually cooling, not warming as scientists say it is. Unusually cold periods and local changes in weather are generally the cause for these statements. Why are these claims inaccurate?

There are many claims made refuting the existence of global warming. Most of these claims come from looking at very short term data in a very localized region. Global warming, as the name implies, is an increase in the global temperature and conclusions about it cannot be reached using measurements localized in time and space. Doing so is called "cherry picking".

2 years 49 weeks ago
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